Attractions for children

Holiday with leisure time animations and attractions for kids

The most important guests of Columbus are children and their needs are our priority. We sacrifice maximum effort and energy to guarantee the children, who visit us, their dream holiday. We invite them to an incredibly vast programme of leisure time animation and they can use a lot of prepared attractions (we extend them every year). This way our little guests never get bored and their parents will find some time for themselves.

Programme of leisure time animation for kids

There is a wide leisure time animation programme waiting for the children from early May to the end of September and also at Christmas and Easter. Toddlers as well as bigger kids will find a lot of possibilities to spend their free time in an interesting and attractive way.

Leisure time animation in the summer

We prepare the widest animation programme for the summer season. We invite you to the classes from 9 a.m. until evening. We build our programme on two levels. The classes (art, music, creativity boosting) organised by Columbus animators are the first element. The children, who like to move, are accompanied by our sport animator. The morning classes are organised in the Kids Club while the afternoon ones take place outdoors. The proximity of the sea makes your children benefit from the healthy impact of iodine not only at the beach but also on our property.

In our holiday programme you will also find:

  • Musical fun (in the form of a workshop with live music)
  • Big Family Mini Golf Tournament with certificates and prizes
  • Theatrical plays
  • Puppet Theatre shows
  • Hilarious Balloons Show
  • Football practice in the Columbus Football Academy, the participants will receive certificates or medals at the end
  • Circus shows
  • Illusionists’ shows
  • Horseback riding
  • Roasting sausages and potatoes at the bonfire and extra attractions for the parents
  • X-box virtual sports tournaments
  • Discos for kids
  • Treasure hunt
  • Hilarious water balloon fights
  • Cooking classes with our Chef
  • Drone flights
  • Animation movies on the big screen

We have extra attractions for adventurous children:

  • taking a trip on a fast hybrid boat,
  • expeditions to a rope park (trails of various difficulties for kids at different age).

Everything under a watchful and professional eye of our animators, instructors, staff and skipper.

Children are little innovators, inventors by nature. They are always keen to create, build and make up new things. At the same time, they challenge the rules, overcome barriers and think outside the box. Children’s creative exploration is fulfilled in an unfettered way. We try to unleash creativity and creative process during their holiday adventure. We do not limit the invention – we try to support it. We use the following ideas: :

  • Our Art Exploration Workshop which is a hit (pottery, stained glass art, modelling and jewellery making classes)
  • Visits of a Portable Planetarium which takes kids to a space trip ( it is a special balloon, assuring complete darkness, with a professional spherical projector)
  • Chemical experiments which mix educational aspects and great fun (they are incredibly effective)
  • Preparing unusual souvenirs from the seaside (we use different techniques and we let the children unleash their invention).

Something suitable for everyone – depending on age, invention and interests. 

Programme of leisure time animation off-season

We invite your children to use the leisure time animation every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Kids Club (two-hour break between 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m., at lunchtime, for the youngest kids to take a nap). There are art, music, recreation and movement, creativity boosting classes. You can count on our hit disco for children, animation movies on the big screen and roasting sausages and potatoes at the bonfire. The leisure time animation is varied by some extra attractions which differ depending on the season (sleigh ride – winter, music fun with eggs is a hit of our programme at Easter, carolling at Christmas and so on). You will find more details in the descriptions of each promotion. One thing is for sure – you will never get bored in Columbus.

We care about providing you with the best conditions of spending your holiday with children. Apart from maximum entertainment and never ending fun and the leisure time animation, we will assure suitable standard and suitable comfort.  You will find more details on the website – family friendly hotel.

Attractions in the sun!

The proximity of the sea allows you not only for frequent and spontaneous visits by the sea, which is only one minute away from the hotel, but also it makes your children benefit from the healthy impact of iodine while playing on our property. We prepared a lot of activities outdoors.


It is the first place visited by our little guests. There are swings, sandboxes, obstacle courses with slides and a climbing tower. A big folding swimming pool with heated water allows your children to play in it even on colder days. The zip-lining is truly exciting and a big trampoline encourages to jump up into the sky! In addition, there is a mini golf course – we invite you to play a family game.

Jungle gyms

The connected jungle gyms are a big hit in the playground and they attract kids. It is a world of craziness with ball pits, slides, a trampoline and a hidden passages trail. We would love to give your children a possibility to stay outdoors even if it drizzles – the jungle gyms are covered by roofs.

Sport is good for your health

Those families, thirsting for sports emotions, can use pitches with modern, safe and colourful surface which amortize possible falls of little football, basketball, volleyball and badminton players. The tennis wall has the same surface. You don’t have to pack your balls, rackets or shuttlecocks – we have a wide collection of equipment and you can use it for free.

You are invited to go on a family bike tour. A comfortable trail in Słowiński National Park or a little bit more ambitious – a tour around Gardno Lake or the trail of the non-existent railways in Ustka. In our bicycle rental you will find equipment for small and big cyclists as well as child seats and bike trailers.

A rickshaw, go-karts (the ones with electric drive are a true hit) and trikers are waiting for you. We recommend people, who like keeping fit, to use the cross fitness equipment.

When it’s raining – kids aren’t bored

Kids’ Club

If the weather is bad for a couple of hours, our big Kids Club becomes the perfect place to have fun. It has just been enlarged and it offers 170 m2 of surface. There are a lot of toys, stuffed animals, colourful blocks, a bouncy castle and mattresses. They can develop their creativity using art supplies and musical instruments for kids. You can use board games, puzzles and fairy tale books. Game lovers are invited to compete at a table tennis match and while playing video games.

There is a big variety of leisure time animation at the Kids Club – more details above.

In the lobby, restaurant, club and bar room

There is a children’s art area in the restaurant and the club-bar room next door. We show animation movies on the big screen all day in the club-bar room. There is a drink menu for children, they can order colourful baby drinks, popcorn and ice-cream desserts. A little further, in the lobby, there is a game area for games and funny videos lovers. The proximity of these attractions allows children to have a nice time while parents, who are enjoying their time off, may enjoy their meals longer, order a cup of coffee, a glass of wine and read a book or a newspaper.

Columbus invites you for the power of childrens’ attractions …