Bike routes – Rowy

The location of Rowy makes it an ideal place for cycling. Experienced cyclists looking for a challenge as well as those who would like to go on a charming ride with children will find excellent bike routes here.

You will find the necessary equipment for your expeditions in Columbus. We offer bicycles, also with certified child seats, while bigger children enjoy the journey in comfortable and specially prepared trailers.

Map of bike routes in Rowy and the surrounding area

Bike routes in Rowy

The most popular undemanding bicycle routes lead east of Rowy into the Slowinski National Park. They run along hard, comfortable forest paths. Less than three kilometers from Rowy, we reach the viewing platform from which there is a beautiful view of Lake Gardno. We can drive around this lake on a picturesque route. Beginner cyclists have to cover 27.5 km on very well-prepared bike trails, on which the bike rolls easily and pleasantly, and on the route they will not encounter a single climb longer than 40 m.

However, there is also a more difficult variant, 41.9 km long, not so much as to rise exaggerated respect in the less skilled. In this variant, in addition to picturesque towns, we will also see the lighthouse in Czolpino. It is the furthest object of this type from the sea on the entire Polish Baltic coast. From Czolpino it is only a stone’s throw to the dunes, while the most persistent ones can go along the dunes to the Leba.

Going west, right after crossing the gates of Columbus we find ourselves on the cycling route to Ustka. We can get there by driving along the dune, which in many places turns into high, 30-meter cliffs, from which there is a beautiful view of the sea and Ustka, or by the “Trail of rolled up tracks”. It runs along a railway embankment built before the Second World War. In both cases, beautiful landscapes and unspoiled nature await us.

Columbus Team will be happy to assist you in choosing the most suitable bike route for you.