Map of Rowy and our location

Rowy is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations at the Polish part of the Baltic Sea coast.

Map of RowyMap of Rowy

Our location

Rowy are located in Pomerania, 28km away from the city of Slupsk and on the edge of the Slowinski National Park.

Wide sandy beaches, picturesque dunes and a unique healthy microclimate make Rowy and its surroundings a place definitely worth recommending. The presence of several species of animals and birds, that can not be found anywhere else in Poland proves the cleanliness of environment. In order to preserve the natural wildlife the Slowinski National Park has been formed in the region between Rowy and Leba. It is also officially a World’s Biosphere Reserve.

The history of Rowy reaches back at least until 1282. In the year 1390 a knight from Lancaster, Henry of Derby (later known as Henry IV, king of England) has mentioned Rowy in his diaries on his way to Gdansk. The town has later been mentioned in texts from XIV century. Numerous graves of French, Swedish, Dutch and Spanish sailors created in XVIII and XIX centuries prove that many sea-journeys in that time used the harbour in Rowy. The local church dates back to the first half of XIX century. Built from great blocks of stone, it stands until today on the Church street.

In the neighbourhood of Rowy you can find several interesting sights:

  • Slowinski National Park
  • Sandy Dunes
  • Sea cruises from Ustka to Bornholm
  • Aquaparks in Darlowko, Slupsk and Ustka
  • Horse riding barn in Przewloka
  • The Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle in Slupsk
  • The Slowinski’s Village heritage park
  • River power station in Smoldzino
  • Witkacy’s exhibition in Slupsk
  • Lighthouse and rocket launcher in Czolpino
  • Lighthouse in Ustka
  • Richter’s granary in Slupsk
  • Palace in Poraj
  • Mount Rowokol – 115 m
  • Gardno lake
fot.Rafał Demski

fot.Rafal Demski