Holidays at the Polish seaside in September

September at the Polish seaside

September is definitely one of the most underestimated months at the Polish seaside. It tends to be warm and dry. While it is getting colder further in the land, the temperatures at the seaside are far friendlier, as the sea gives back the warmth accumulated all through the summer. The beaches are free of the summer crowds. Autumn (as well as spring) is also one of the seasons, when the seaside air contains most iodine, which has a proven positive influence on the children’s health.

Polish seaside

Columbus PLUS packages – vacation in September

We have prepared a special offer – Columbus PLUS Packages (Price Leisure Unique Sun). All prices cover a stay with full board – three meals a day. In addition, children between 2 and 12 years of age are invited on special terms – the cost of their stay is only 69,90 zl per day (full board included). Children under the age of 2 – our distinguished guests – are invited free of charge.

We assure you, that we will do our best to provide you with leisure in friendly, family atmosphere. We put special care to prepare you delicious meals and offer fantastic conditions for kids. We promise you high quality service. You may already place your reservation! The number of places is limited.

Of course, the packages can be combined with each other, if your intention is to plan a longer trip. Filling in the fields below will allow you to easily find out the total cost of vacation in the most frequently chosen variants – the amounts given are the prices for a stay with full board – three meals a day. If you were considering a less typical solution (modified date, single occupancy, etc.) – it is of course also possible. In this case, we encourage you to contact us by phone, e-mail or via the contact form. We will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you.

If you would like to know the total cost of your stay, please complete the following fields:

Please select the number of adults, then the number of children and animals.

The total cost of your vacation:
 2 adults – Price per person3 adults – Price per person4 adults – Price per person1 adult
ArrivalDepartureDays of stayin Sunny Suitin Columbus Apartment, Family Terrace Studio or Sunny Suit Panoramain Roman Apartment or Family Terrasse Studio with 2 bedroomsin Columbus Apartment, Family Terrace Studio or Sunny Suit Panoramain Roman Apartment or Family Terrasse Studio with 2 bedroomsin Columbus Apartment, Family Terrace Studio or Sunny Suit Panoramain Roman Apartment or Family Terrasse Studio with 2 bedroomsin Sunny Suit
3969.80 PLN
last free room
4599.80 PLN
5019.80 PLN
last free room
5534.70 PLN
5954.70 PLN
last free room
6399.60 PLN
6799.60 PLN
last free room
3114.90 PLN
last free room
4509.80 PLN
last free room
5229.80 PLN
5709.80 PLN
last free room
6284.70 PLN
6764.70 PLN
last free room
7279.60 PLN
7739.60 PLN
last free room
3529.90 PLN
last free room
3189.80 PLN
3739.80 PLN
4099.80 PLN
4469.70 PLN
4829.70 PLN
5199.60 PLN
5559.60 PLN
2454.90 PLN
3719.80 PLN
4359.80 PLN
4779.80 PLN
5204.70 PLN
5624.70 PLN
6059.60 PLN
6479.60 PLN
2859.90 PLN
3459.80 PLN
3939.80 PLN
4359.80 PLN
4799.70 PLN
5219.70 PLN
5519.60 PLN
5939.60 PLN
2749.90 PLN
3959.80 PLN
4519.80 PLN
4999.80 PLN
5399.70 PLN
5879.70 PLN
6319.60 PLN
6799.60 PLN
3144.90 PLN
2969.80 PLN
3399.80 PLN
3759.80 PLN
4139.70 PLN
4499.70 PLN
4759.60 PLN
5119.60 PLN
2359.90 PLN
3459.80 PLN
3938.00 PLN
4359.80 PLN
4799.70 PLN
5219.70 PLN
5519.60 PLN
5939.60 PLN
2749.90 PLN
2979.80 PLN
3319.80 PLN
3669.80 PLN
4034.70 PLN
4349.70 PLN
4639.60 PLN
4919.60 PLN
2299.90 PLN
2579.80 PLN
2859.80 PLN
3159.80 PLN
3479.70 PLN
3749.70 PLN
3999.60 PLN
4239.60 PLN
1984.90 PLN
2479.80 PLN
2759.80 PLN
2999.80 PLN
3344.70 PLN
3614.70 PLN
3799.60 PLN
3999.60 PLN
1909.90 PLN
2189.80 PLN
2459.80 PLN
2699.80 PLN
2954.70 PLN
3224.70 PLN
3439.60 PLN
3679.60 PLN
1684.90 PLN

Grandee Apartment is not included in Columbus PLUS Packages offer.

Dunes at Slowinski National Park


We have also an extra offer for your close ones, who will decide to visit you during your stay. They will only pay 149,90 zl per day. This price also covers full board.

Columbus PLUS Package begins with a supper on the first day and ends with a breakfast. You will also receive a lunch-box for your way back home. In the package, we offer you among others a supper in form of a barbecue.

Everyday our Chef prepares a special soup for the smallest children – it is always ready at noon. In care of your good mood we invite you for a free of charge session (1 hour) in jacuzzi.

If you decide to come to Slupsk or Ustka by train or a bus, we offer a transfer to Rowy free of charge.

We may additionally and free of charge equip your apartment with all the small things that kids may need like: cots and baby bath-tubs, potties, bottle heaters, baby chairs, and many others.

Children’s attractions 

For our little guest (well, not only) we have prepared:

– a big playground,
– Children’s Club with toys, bouncy castle, X-Box 360 + Kinect and table-tennis,
– Basketball-, Mini football- and Volleyball ground,
– PC with broadband Internet at the reception,
– Mini Golf,
– bicycles, karts and kayaks for rent,
– tennis wall,
– nordic walking.

Every day from 10:00 to 18:00 with a two-hour break for lunch and a nap for children (between 13:30 and 15:30), children will find professional care in our Children’s Club. Our team of animators organizes there a lot of activities for children of a musical, artistic and sports nature. In addition, the children will find a lot of fun on our family mini-golf tournament, thematic music ball, theatre play, baking cookies with our Chef and this is only a part of our offer :).




We are more than happy to invite your pets to spend your holidays with you. The cost for their stay is 49,90 zl per night, however not more than 149,90 zl for the entire stay. If you wish to bring your dog or cat with you please let us know beforehand. Please take appropriate documents with you such as a vaccination record, etc. etc …

Apartments’ standard

All apartments, studios and suits have bathrooms, refrigerators, satellite TV LCD and wireless internet access.

Apartments on the Polish coast

Taxes, check-in, parking, internet-access fees

You can also count on fenced and spacious parking and stable high-speed wi-fi in every room. There are no additional charges. All the fees are included.

Columbus - family friendly hotel

Holidays at the Polish seaside in September – You Are Very Welcome! Columbus Team