Autumn at the polish seaside

Holidays in October – packages with full board on the Polish coast

October, and especially its first half is an excellent time for trips to the Baltic Sea for people who want to in peace and quiet enjoy its charm … The temperatures here are still nice, the days, evenings and nights surprisingly warm. At this time of year, usually at the seaside we note the highest temperatures in the country. Dune pines – they are always green. This is the last chance to stop the picture of the passing summer…

Holidays in October also create the best conditions for iodine therapy – in the air there are the highest concentrations of iodine then, which has a positive effect on our organisms. Silence on windless days is unique… It is a very charming time indeed. We encourage you to take advantage of the last chance to interact with the Baltic Sea in the warm sunshine … For the next few months we will miss this weather!

Polish coast

We have prepared a special  Autumn packages 2020 including full-board. At following periods:

– 4th of October till 10th of October,

– 11th of October till 17th of October,

– 18th of October till 24th of October.

 All prices per person:

  2 Days 3 Days 4 Days   5 Days   6 Days

In Columbus or
Roman Apartment,
Terrace Studio
or Sunny
Suite Panorama
accommodated by
 4 guests
 279,90 zl 399,90 zl 519,90 zl 639,90 zl 749,90 zl
 3 guests
 299,90 zl 449,90 zl 589,90 zl 719,90 zl 849,90 zl
 2 guests
 369,90 zl 539,90 zl 709,90 zl 869,90 zl 999,90 zl
 1 guest
 539,90 zl 839,90 zl 1 079,90 zl 1 309,90 zl 1 519,90 zl
In Sunny Suite
accommodated by
 3 guests
 259,90 zl 409,90 zl 549,90 zl 669,90 zl 789,90 zl
 2 guests
 309,90 zl 489,90 zl 639,90 zl 779,90 zl 909,90 zl
 1 guest
 379,90 zl 614,90 zl 859,90 zl 1 114,90 zl 1 374,90 zl
Child (2-12 Years)
 164,90 zl 239,90 zl 304,90 zl 369,90 zl 429,90 zl

Children under the age of 12 are welcome at the promotional conditions shown in the table. Our youngest guests (under the age of 2) are invited free of charge.

We have also an extra offer for your close ones, who will decide to visit you during your stay. They will only pay 149,90 zl per day. This price also covers full board.

Apartments’ standard

All apartments, studios and suits have bathrooms, refrigerators, satellite TV LCD and wireless internet access.

Apartments on the Polish coast


We are more than happy to invite your pets to spend your holidays with you. The cost for their stay is 49,90 zl per night, however not more than 149,90 zl for the entire stay. If you wish to bring your dog or cat with you please let us know beforehand. Please take appropriate documents with you such as a vaccination record, etc. etc …

Taxes, check-in, parking, internet-access fees

There are no additional charges. All the fees are included.

Seaside nature

* Apartments not included on Autumn packages offer are Grandee Apartment and Family Terrace Studio with 2 bedrooms

We warmly invite you to the Baltic Sea
Spend autumn-holidays at the Polish seaside!
Columbus Team