Roman Apartments

Roman Apartments are a proposal different than any other. These are four special ground-floor apartments.

Each of them has a separate entrance leading through a 30 square meters ground terrace. The interior of the apartment consists of a cosy bedroom, luxurious living room and a modern bathroom. The bedroom is separated from the living room by a wide sliding door, which guarantees additional space after opening. Depending on your preferences, the bedroom may contain a big double bed or two single beds. Additionally there are two double foldable sofas, where four extra people may sleep when needed. The other equipment includes two 40″ LED-TVs, small fridge, dresser, table, and two wardrobes.

The next advantage is, the mentioned above, ground terrace, which is a perfect place to rest outside, sunbathe, play with children or have a barbeque. The location of Roman Apartments on the south-west side additionally means that parents may watch their children on the playground without leaving their terrace. It is the best option for guests seeking for coastal nature, active past times or for families with children. The lack of architectural barriers means that these apartments are suitable for guests on wheelchairs. The Roman Apartments are a perfect combination of a luxurious apartment and a bungalow.